Registration of Trademarks

Preparation of applications for registration, extension of registrations,
 provision of monitoring services, preparation of oppositions, appeals and
 administrative nullity in Brazil and abroad.

Patent Office

Patent searches, drafting and filing of patent applications in all areas of
technology, provision of monitoring services to third parties concerning existing
patents and patent applications , payment of dues, service concerning inquiries on
patentability and infringement, preparation of oppositions, appeals and administrative
nullity both in Brazil and abroad.

Technology Transfer Services and Licensing Rights

Analysis and advice on licensing, assignment and use of trademarks and patents,
drafting contracts of technology transfer, specialist technical service, franchise and
registration of contract terms before Central Bank and INPI.
Study and planning of the most effective contractual and fiscal alternatives for contracting
and drafting contracts and technical advices in the areas of industrial and intellectual property.

Registration of Computer Programs

Registration of computer program contracts before INPI.

International Services

Our representatives and partners are fully capable of effecting the
procedures for the registration of trademarks and patents, as well as providing
extensive legal advice on lawsuits. We advise several international players in
the area of ​​intellectual property in Brazil.